Galil ACE Picatinny Stock Adapter / Sig Sauer Telescoping/Folding Stock KIT

We’ve packaged our Galil ACE Picatinny Stock Adapter with the Sig Sauer Telescoping/Folding Stock. Compatible with the 3-slot picatinny rail on our stock adapter, the end user can elect to fold the stock to the left or right hand side of any Galil ACE. Attachment is a cinch with a single Torx bolt securing the stock firmly to the adapter plate.


We suggest giving the right-side folding configuration a try as it makes manipulation of the charging handle much easier and cannot interfere with the charging handle. Simply loosen the bolt head securing the folding mechanism to the stock body and rotate it 180 degrees, then re-fasten. The stock with rub VERY lightly against the safety while folded but in no way impedes performance or function.


**Our Galil ACE Picatinny Stock Adapter is compatible with 7.62×39, .308, and 5.56×45 versions of the IWI Galil ACE rifles and pistol.**


***NOTE*** This is a shoulder stock and not an arm brace, ALL NFA RULES APPLY

KNS Enhanced AK Trigger/Hammer Pins

Our KNS Enhanced AK Trigger/Hammer Pins are an improvement in both material and finish over standard ComBloc AK fire control group pins for your Kalashnikov-pattern firearm. Our Enhanced AK Trigger & Hammer Pins are Black Nitride finished for a smoother, corrosion-resistant surface and machined from a superior alloy steel.  Whether you’re building your AK from the ground-up or upgrading your trigger, our pins are a simple & elegant upgrade which will improve the smoothness of your trigger pull.  Fits standard AK receivers as well as Classic Galil models: MAR, ARM and SAR.


RISE RA-140 SST / KNS Non-Rotate Pin COMBO

Now available as a combo set, the RISE Armament RA-140 Single-Stage Trigger can be had with either of our popular Gen 2 or Gen 2 Mod 2 Non-Rotating Trigger/Hammer Pin sets!

Also known as the Black Fallout, the RA-140 SST is a high-performing, cost-effective upgrade to replace mil-spec triggers.

Our non-rotating trigger and hammer pins are the STRONGEST pins that can be produced and were designed to withstand the high impact of full and semi-auto 9mm, .223, and 7.62mm suppressed weapons. The pins are stainless steel.

Black sideplates are black nitride treated, all other color options are DuraCoated.

An absolute must-have for all NFA owners. They will also protect your AR-15. Special anti-creep retainers prevent wear on your irreplaceable registered NFA receiver. Pin installation tool & 2 Torx wrenches included. No modification to firearm required. THE TORQUE SPEC ON THE SCREW IS 11 inch/lbs. MAXIMUM. We recommend 8INCH/LBS of torque.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The external width of some AR receivers may vary in the trigger/hammer pin area depending on the manufacturer. The pins being slightly too long will not affect the function or performance.

Spare/Replacement NON-ROTATING Trigger & Hammer Pin

Dog ate half of your non-rotating trigger/hammer pin set? Just like to be prepared and have extra parts on hand? We’ve got you covered. We’re offering our non-rotating trigger and hammer pins in pairs (NO sideplates, screws, wrenches or brass guides are included).


You may choose from:


.154 (Standard)

.1555 (Slightly oversized for worn receivers or Rock River NM Triggers)

.170 (Classic Colt ban-era rifles)

Kaiser (Extended length pins for Kaiser polymer receivers)

Gen G (.1550 nitrided pins)

Smith & Wesson M&P15-22 pins for the S&W .22lr rimfire receivers

Push Button Pin COMBO – STAINLESS STEEL .250 Dia

These AR15/M16 pivot AND take down pins have a spring-loaded push button that, when pushed, retracts the stainless steel detents for easy pin removal. The housing, cap, button & detent balls are all constructed from Stainless Steel. The button also has a drilled cross hole which allows for the installation of a seal wire to prevent tampering with the guns internals. The pins are fitted with an end cap to simplify pin removal and installation and also prevents any debris from entering the internal parts of the pin. Includes (1) Push-Button Pivot Pin .250 Enhanced (Stainless Steel) and (1) Push-Button Take Down Pin .250 Enhanced (Stainless Steel).



Quick-Set Pivot Pin

The Quick-Set Pivot Pin is a great asset for those users that are constantly evolving their firearms – disassembly is frustration-free as the detent spring tension is gently unloaded via the included set screw. Installation only requires a 1/16 allen key and takes seconds. The captured, standard form factor pin spring and detent are installed through the pin and captured by the set screw, allowing the user to safely and easily load/unload the detent spring and prevent flyaway parts.




The KNS EZN Pivot Pin installs in mere seconds with just a simple paper clip or small punch. No gunsmithing is required, nor is crawling on your hands and knees searching for the tiny detent and spring that just went sailing across the room.

The EZN Pivot Pin is constructed from high-quality steel finished with a black nitride finish and includes one small detent and detent spring.


CZ Bren 805 Push-Button Take Down Pin

The CZ Bren 805 Push Button Take Down Pin simplifies the disassembly process for the cleaning & maintenance of your CZ Bren 805 rifle or pistol. Our push button pins feature a spring-loaded detent system similar to our push button take down and pivot pins for the AR15 platform and do a great job of saving your thumb and fingertips from the sharp wire edges of the original factory pin.

Our CZ Bren 805 Push Button Take Down Pin retracts the locking detent balls with a simple push of the button. Once the button is depressed the user pushes the pin out of the firearm from the side opposite of the release button. Push Button Pin is enclosed with a pressed-in end cap to prevent dirt & debris from accumulating inside the pin. Detent balls & center pin are made of stainless steel, take down pin housing and button are black oxide-treated steel.

Available individually or as a combination 2-pack.