AR/MCX Stock Adapter WITH Flange / SB Tactical FS1913 Brace Kit


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The AR/MCX Stock Adapter allows the user to mount a picatinny-style stock attachment (such as the SIG MPX folding stock or brace) in place of an AR15 style buffer tube. Many firearms utilize the buffer tube attachment of the AR15 in order to mount common stocks & braces, but do not mechanically require the tube for an in-line buffer spring. For these weapons, this product offers a modular alternative for attaching stocks or other accessories.


KNS Precision manufactures two different styles of AR/MCX Stock Adapter one WITH a flange, and one WITHOUT. The model WITH flange is for firearm configurations that use an AR-15 receiver that will require the use of the rear take-down pin spring and detent. The flange provides a secure sealing surface to ensure that the detent and spring for the take-down pin remains in place and fully-functional. The model WITHOUT flange is for firearms that do not require the aforementioned detent and spring.


The AR/MCX Stock Adapter kit is composed of two parts and an attaching bolt. The externally-threaded adapter plug fits into the threaded buffer socket or ring. The adapter rail section fits into the slot in the adapter plug and the two are secured to each other and the firearm by a hex-socket bolt and lock washer.


The user may ‘flip’ the brace assembly to fold to the left OR right. Simply loosen the brass-colored Torx bolt and rotate the brace arm 180º. Tighten the bolt back down, then reverse the direction the brace assembly is mounted to the AR/MCX Stock Adapter’s picatinny rail. The brace should then fold to the opposite direction.


The FS1913 Brace is a low-profile, left side-folding, strut design compatible with all platforms utilizing an M1913 interface at the rear of the receiver. The FS1913™ is a complete assembly offering pull-through opening and a solid lock-up when extended and features an advanced steel hinge design which securely locks in both the folded and extended positions. It also features a pull-through design offering quick deployment, is ATF compliant, and is US veteran designed and proudly made in the USA Product.

This product will not work with a standard AR 15 lower and the MCX upper and is intended only for applications were the carrier and buffer tube do not protrude past the receiver ring.

*NOTE: Standard configuration AR15 style rifles will not function using this product.

**NOTE: This unit incorporates a flange in the base of the picatinny plate that allows the use of a standard takedown pin, detent, and spring on traditional AR15 lower receivers.

***Lower Receiver not included. Sorry, folks.


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