Lage Mfg Folding Galil Stock Kit


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We’ve coupled Lage Manufacturing’s lightweight rifle stocks and durable folding mechanisms with our Galil ACE Stock adapters for your convenience. The stocks will fold to the left OR to the right, depending on how the end user orients the folding mechanism.

This light weight durable stock is compatible with any ACE Rifle Stock patterned folding stock mechanism and stock adapters with two #10-32 mounting screw holes spaced 5/8″ (.625″) apart. This buttstock features a sling mount on the top rear of the buttstock. Manufactured from glass reinforced nylon, this stock is not only strong, it is more comfortable to shoot in extreme cold or heat than an aluminum stock. Measures 8-1/2″ from front to rear. Also available in 1″ or 2″ shorter length. Weight: 8-1/2″ is 7.6 Ounces, 7-1/2″ is 7.0 Ounces, 6-1/2″ is 6.4 Ounces. Mounting Screws included. Made in the U.S.A.

Compatible with ACE-brand stocks and folding mechanisms, our KNS Precision Galil Ace Stock Adapters are manufactured with a ‘pocket’ for use with ACE style stocks/folding mechanisms WITH the boss. While the KNS adapter can be used with stocks and folding mechanisms that do not have the boss – it is highly recommend that stocks and folding mechanisms with the boss are used, strength is increased and play is decreased with the boss. Installation is easy with a wide variety of stock/folding pistol brace mechanism options as well as for building registered SBRs.

With ACE part # A510 ( ), any AR15 compatible buffer tube may be used. The Galil ACE stock adapter is also compatible with Galil ACE rifles. When choosing a folding mechanism, make sure to pick one that can be configured to fold to the -RIGHT SIDE- of the firearm to avoid interfering with charging handle. Folding mechanism part # A500PB is recommended –


Galil SBR is pictured with the short 7.5″ stock configuration.


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Weight2 lbs
Dimensions9 × 4 × 2 in
Stock Size

Small 7.5", Medium 8.5", Large 9.5"


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