Lage-Tailhook Mod 1C Brace Kit for Galil ACE Pistol


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The Galil Ace Tailhook Mod 1C Brace Kit enables you to easily mount the Lage folding arm assembly coupled with the GearHead Works Tailhook to any Galil ACE pistol (all calibers) using our two handy adapters. Utilizing the provided roll pin(s), the user may swap the factory plate or brace assembly with our Galil ACE Stock Adapter plate and attach the Tailhook/Lage brace combo with just a simple punch and hammer (no complex gunsmithing required).

The folding arm easily folds to the right of the pistol and does not interfere with ejection or manipulation of the pistol while being used in the ‘stowed’ position. When the brace assembly is extended, the Tailhook provides the shooter with ample support to stabilize the pistol when in use.

The Patented Tailhook MOD 1C is 30% lighter and 30% more compact than the standard Mod 1. With a profile similar to the SCW Tailhook it truly is the most compact pistol brace on the market today. At less than an inch thick, it can be adapted to practically every platform on the market. To activate the brace functionality, depress the release button and pull the arm down. This creates the shelf that will counterbalance the muzzle weight of your large frame handgun. The ability of your forearm to hold the weight allows you to relax your shooting wrist and concentrate on trigger control. True one handed operation is achieved since you do not need a second hand to attach the brace to your arm.

MOD 1C can be set up for right or left handed operation.

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