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Interested in individual components for your SnapFoot bipod system? We can do that. Our modular bipod foot system is easier than ever to configure to your exact specifications!

SnapFoot™ is the best accessory for your Bipod. It allows you to quickly exchange feet, without tools, to adapt to different shooting surfaces, environments, and competition situations. Whether it is the model for the Harris, Magpul, or Atlas bipods, after the Snapfoot™ adapter is installed, all of our feet will fit your bipod. You can quickly snap out one foot and snap in another style in seconds. Go from using the standard rubber feet to a spike for sand, wooden barricades, fence posts, window sills, trees, etc. Or, you could opt to use our posable feet that allow easy and stable manipulation of the weapon. All feet can be snapped in and out quickly & easily.

You retain the ability to utilize your bipod’s original rubber feet when using our rubber foot transition adapters. Simply remove the OEM feet and swap them over to our inserts and you’re set to go!

Add another layer of versatility to your SnapFoot Bipod Feet with our new Posable Claw Feet! Ready to conform to uneven surfaces the instant they make contact, the Claw Feet use their triple-tipped steel talons to dig in and stay in place, even under stout recoil.

Extend your bipod’s reach with our Snapfoot Leg Extension Kit! This 3″ leg extension kit allows the shooter to elevate over taller grass and obstacles in order to secure that perfect, unobstructed sight picture.

All feet snap right into the bipod leg adapter kits we manufacture for Magpul, Harris, and Atlas bipods and are a *snap* to install!

O-rings can be lubricated with Vaseline or grease.

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SnapFoot Component

SF01 – Harris Adapter, SF02 – Harris Rubber Foot Adapter, SF03 – Posable Feet, SF04 – Claw Feet w/Spikes, SF05 – Magpul Adapter, SF06 – Atlas Adapter, SF07 – Magpul Rubber Foot, SF08 – 3" Leg Extensions, SF09 – Posable Claw Feet, SnapFoot Steel Spiked Feet Kit, SnapFoot Steel Spiked Feet Kit (SHARP)


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